Baby Wisdom Book

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Baby Wisdom Book - this booklet contains generic and Safe T Sleep specific info as a practical baby Sleeptime handbook for parents/grandparents & caregivers.

A very down to earth, practical handbook for new parents, grandparents and caregivers. 

3rd Edition of this simple, practical, down to earth booklet discussing: 'Things I wish I had known', with plenty of delightful, family-friendly drawings. This book is non-academic and is a collection of mums and dads expressions, and Miriam’s own experience in working with young and new parents. The chapters are standalone so that is can be read a chapter at a time. This is purposefully done for tired and/or second language mums. It is widely generic and also contains Safe T Sleep information. 



'Baby Wisdom' certainly answers the questions I had as a new mum.  As my own children were the first babies I had ever held, there was a lot that "I wish I had known."

Having now read the testimonials of other parents, I know that I was not alone in feeling confused by the myriad of ever-changing, well meaning advice from friends, relatives and experts.

Miriam combines new knowledge with old knowledge, consistently empowering and encouraging parents and caregivers to observe each baby as unique. “Listen to old knowledge from trusted sources, be open to new knowledge and to draw on intuitive wisdom and practical common sense as well.”

She is proud to promote her tested, proven original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® alongside practical, traditional and modern swaddling (wrapping) and positive parenting skills.  

To me, the validity of this book lies in the rich, raw authenticity of practical real-life experiences.

This book covers issues that challenge many people from day to day.  ‘Baby Wisdom’ is not intended as an academic exercise but as a gift from the heart for what seems an obvious need in very ‘basic’ support for parents of most cultures (especially first time parents, grandparents and caregivers), particularly around settling and sleeping babies.

I wish this book had been around at the time my three adorable children were all under the age of three.

I will most certainly be continuing to encourage the philosophy of positive, nurturing and skilled parenting for my future grandchildren, and sharing this baby wisdom.

Robyn Harawira (nee Bell-Muir)



Postgrad Diploma Specialist Teaching

Higher Diploma ESHI Specialist Teacher