Houdini Locks


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The Houdini lock is the latest revolution and a real must for a busy mums nappy bag. These locks are amazing and can be used for many many uses. I guess you could say, they are a Swiss Army Mum's device.

  • Repair a broken or unsticky nappy tab.
  • Fix a broken cloth nappy snap. 
  • Use with a piece of cloth for an emergency bib.
  • Hold a shade blanket on a stroller hood or car window.
  • Perfect for holding the blanket hut in the lounge together.
  • Add a piece of ribbon & make a pacifier clip.
  • Keep your duvet inner correctly inside its cover.
I am sure there is another 10 uses you can come up with too
Simple & Effective. You simple push up the black retainer. Pop the clip on over the tab. Squeeze the Houdini lock shut & the push down the black retainer to lock it into place. 
x6 in a pack