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What sort of Houdini Child do you have? A harness Houdini? A bedroom Houdini? A put things into the toilet Houdini? or do you have one of those quiet Houdini, the kind where when you hear silence, you know they are up to something and you are in for a surprise! You might even have a pet that is a Houdini lover, and you need to keep it out of your Houdinis bedroom or cot.

Well help is here. We are the company with the products that might just save your sanity. We have the products that will help keep that Houdini of yours contained and safer. Reduce your stress levels now by taking a look at our range of simple but effective products

No longer will your escape artist be able to remove their arms from their car seat harness. They wont be able to climb out of the high chair or stroller. There will be no more going into unsafe or restricted rooms, and no more Houdini's constantly coming out of their bedrooms at bedtime. Milk or juice will no longer be spilt all over the breakfast table, and those blankets won't be being kicked off during the night anytime soon.

Your sanity will be saved, your child will be safer, and your stress levels will be lowered with just one or two purchases from our website. 

You will finally be able to have that coffee before it gets cold. You will no longer worry as to what your wee Houdini is upto in the next room and you may even stop building up your collection of grey hair.

These are all high quality New Zealand made products that are not only simple to use but they are also very effective. Get back your peace of mind today.

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