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Safe T Sleep turns 22!

22 years with no cot deaths or injuries!

For 21 years Safe T Sleep (NZ) Ltd has supported positive, nurturing parenting skills and has also proudly supported:

Individual parents/grandparents and caregivers with over 500 Sleepwraps donated.

Plunket, Cure Kids, Kids Foundation, Kids at Risk, Selected community projects, Parent Centre’s and Playcentre’s, Selected rotary projects, Radio Lollipop, Burn Support group, Mana Montessori, Kidney Kids, Leprosy Mission, Koru Care

Miriam the inventor consults widely and provides advice and support to individual parents and many professionals. As an early advocate and facilitator of positive parenting skills, Miriam was among the pioneers of positive parenting workshops, which she has facilitated for over twenty five years.  She has since worked with a range of other health professionals in promoting positive parenting and baby sleep safety awareness, gathering national and international studies that address sleeptime risks, and Positional Plagiocephaly (deformed and flat head) issues.

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Does your baby settle well on the back or likes to sleep on his/her side?

Different sleep positions may be recommended or desired and are safely possible using the unique and Clinically Proven Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. Older babies may be taught to turn within the wrap and sleep comfortably in their desired sleep position.

Babies can sleep safely on the side in a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap as long as the arm and shoulder they are lying on is placed forward (like the Recovery Position). 
Then place Safe T Sleep's little wedge into baby's back when side sleeping. When back sleeping tuck the little wedge well underneath the Sleepwrap on alternate sides of the head and shoulder to help ensure a lovely shaped head.

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