Wrapping infants comfortably and safely

Wrapping infants comfortably and safely

Wrapping infants comfortably and safely 

A simple yet very effective and convenient baby wrap, originally invented to prevent falls from cots and beds for infants from 8 months to 2 years of age, and to prevent suffocation of newborns to 6/9 months old, is also helping to prevent ‘flat head’ deformities, clicky hip and sleep problems. 

“In the absence of a Sleepwrap, ‘back sleeping’ infants under 6-9 months, is the best deterrent against ‘cot death’/SIDS. However, this is not fool proof, as statistics show; and back sleeping has also led to a significant increase in flat, deformed heads over the years, “says Miriam Rutherford-van Gisbergen, mother and grandmother with a nursing /education background; early pioneer of positive parenting, long term advocate of safe sleep for babies and the inventor/developer of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap.

One of many mothera, Brenda Scully, of Wellington, says her son had a serious ‘flat head’.

 “No matter which way we placed him in his cot, he would turn his head to one favoured side. We used the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and HEADwedge to help him sleep comfortably on his other side and within a few months the flat spot had gone, she says.

Having nursed a beautiful child of only 9.5 months of age, who sustained serious, permanent brain damage from a cot fall, Miriam initially made the wrap for her eldest child, to give herself a few extra moments to attend to him when he was in the standing and climbing developmental stage. With her later newborn babies and subsequent five grandchildren also to prevent suffocation during the rolling and creeping during sleep stages, usually anywhere from 3weeks to approximately 9months of age.

Epidemiologists, key Researchers and Global statistics show that at least 3/4 of babies who die from ‘cot death’, which for decades was shrouded in mystery,  are found with their faces covered. 

One of the main national and International safe sleeping guidelines for babies is: ‘Keep Face and Head clear’. “The Safe T Sleep definitely helps parents meet this safety guideline”, says Miriam

Many colleagues and friends encouraged Miriam to put her wrap on the open market. Subsequently, since its original conception in 1976 and its delivery onto the world market in 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies have slept safely with a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and little HEADwedge. “There have been no fatalities or injuries among users during all this time,” she says.

The wrap allows maximum, natural, flexible movements at each stage of baby’s development except those movements which may pose discomfort or danger.

A newborn infant may be safely swaddled with ‘arms up’ as recommended https://www.plunket.org.nz/your-child/newborn-to-6-weeks/safety/keeping-baby-safe-and-warm-in-bed/ . Arms up swaddling opens the rib cage for easier breathing and also helps prevent the baby turning face down. Perfect with the love to dream swaddle.

“There seems to be a misconception that babies must stay on the back to sleep ad infinitum.  However, an older baby, between 6-9months of age, now considered to be out of the high Cot Death/SIDS risk period, who is able to turn from back to front and back again, may gently be taught how to turn within the Sleepwrap...allowing desired sleep positions.

The products are made to such a high standard that they last safely for 2 children aged 0-2 years old, which is very good for customers but not so good for us but the savings and peace of mind for parents and caregivers that comes with safe, comfortable, more restful sleep for babies is very welcome and well deserved”, says Miriam.


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