Two safe and easy ways to swaddle a baby

Two safe and easy ways to swaddle a baby

Swaddling a newborn baby to give comfort and security is a timeless and ‘learned Art’. 

Regardless of colour, creed or race, parents throughout history practice some form of swaddling or ‘holding secure’ a newborn baby and here are two safe and easy ways:

1 ) Use any traditional or modern soft, breathable fabric wrap, together with the chemical free, natural, 100% cotton Safe T Sleep safety wrap placed over the top. This helps keep any swaddle from coming undone, which sadly does happen. 

This safe baby sleep combo is still very popular and is a tried and true method to comfort, settle and ‘Keep Baby’s Face and Head Clear’ as recommended by National and International safe sleep guidelines. 

See the step by step safe baby sleep swaddling pics and tips in the Baby Wisdom book

2) Use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap over the top of any type of soft, natural fibre sleepwear (with inbuilt mittens in winter) baby sleeping bag or love to dream baby sleepsack 

See pics here of ‘arms up’ swaddling.

In summer baby needs just a nappy and the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap on its own or over whatever natural fibre sleepwear or wrap that baby wears to bed.

Two things that will practically help new parents with baby sleep issues the most are the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap safety swaddle and the down to earth, widely consulted Baby Wisdom book; especially parents who constantly find their young baby creeps, rolls  and likes to sleep on their side; also for those interested in preventing plagiocephaly/flat head

Happy parenting everyone:)

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