Travelling with kids over the holidays?

Travelling with kids over the holidays?

So you have decided you and the family need a holiday.  But can you really have a relaxing holiday with baby on board? 

Yes, you can with a few precautions and a little extra planning. Babies are creatures of habit so expecting them to cope with new routines, time zones, new faces, places etc is asking a little bit much. 

Try to keep to baby's routine as much as possible.  Bring his favourite food with you at least for the first couple of days.  For example, unless you are blissfully breastfeeding, whilst you may be able to get your baby's favourite brand of baby formula, the local water may make it taste different.  It might be an idea to bring a few bottles of made up formula with you.  Use the familiar taste to mix with the unfamiliar until gradually baby acclimatises to the new taste.

If you are bringing a travel cot with you, you might want to try baby sleeping in the cot for a couple of nights prior to leaving home.  If you are going to use the hotels facilities, then bring a couple of baby's familiar blankets or favourite cuddly toy with you. 

Better yet, bring your baby’s Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® babywrap system with you.  It is much easier to transport than a travel cot as it will fit around any standard mattress anywhere in the world! Whilst baby's surroundings are changing, he will benefit from going to sleep in the system he has become attached to.  Don't underestimate the benefits of familiar things to a baby who is entering new horizons on a daily basis.  As adults, we often look forward to unfamiliar events to break the monotony of life. Babies on the other hand generally crave sameness!

If you are going to travel through a different time zone, try and prepare baby by letting him get used to the new times before you leave.  If this doesn't work, make sure you bring blackout blinds with you to ensure his bedroom remains dark even if it is wonderful sunshine outside.

Whatever you do, try not to totally change your baby's habits. Many a cot sleeping baby has travelled on holiday with his mum and dad and realised that sleeping in mum's bed is so much nicer than his cot unless he or she is a Safe T Sleep baby as the Sleepwrap builds an association with sleep along with pre sleep association including same piece of music and routine. View our travelling testimonials here:

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