Baby sleeping on side, what can I do?

Baby sleeping on side, what can I do?

It is accepted internationally that tummy sleeping, WITHOUT a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap during the high SIDS risk period (approximately newborn-6 months) increases the risk of Cot Death/SIDS, as babies are more mobile on their tummies when loose in their bed and are at risk of suffocation.

During this stage babies may also still be at risk of rolling, turning and creeping into awkward, cold or dangerous positions. Refer to: NZ Medical Journal 2002: 115:193-4. We often have parents, grandparents and caregivers tell us or ask us the following: my baby rolls onto the side, my baby likes to side sleep, is my side sleeping baby safe? A side sleeping baby seems to be of common concern.

When in a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby swaddle, a baby sleeping on side is definitely safer. The Sleepwrap simply goes over all types of baby wraps, sleepwear, baby sleep suits and baby sleeping bags.

Within a Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® baby swaddle a baby is physiologically able to do everything he/she is able to do according to their age and ‘stage’ of development. The only things they cannot do are those things that may put them at risk.

Clinically proven to help keep a baby in a more comfortable and safe sleep position, including a baby side sleeping.

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