Safe T Sleep/Sleepbug Sleepingbag


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Safe T Sleep/Sleepbug Sleepingbag

The world's only fully unique Sleepingbag customized to the Safe T Sleep

Sleepbug Sleeping bags are made in New Zealand


  • 100% Organic cotton outer, 100% super soft New Zealand merino wool lined sleeping bag designed for your baby and toddlers safety and comfort and your peace of mind.
  • 'XOXO' pattern.
  • You won’t need to buy blankets and have the worry of your baby getting caught up in their blankets or kicking them off.
  • Easy to wash and dries quickly making it easy for you during the long winter days.
  • Super soft merino against your baby’s delicate skin for added comfort.
  • Sleepbugs sleeping bags have a customised opening with a clever hidden velcro tab on the back of the sleeping bag, which can be opened to use in car seats, strollers and now most importantly for the Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® using the leg piece used for very wriggly babies and those who need their mattress elevated if they suffer from reflux, colic or colds to keep them safer and more secure.
  • Three way zip on the front of sleeping bag so you can zip up from the bottom when using the above feature, baby stays warm and cosy all night long.
  • For babies newborn-2yrs of age for the cosiest, safest and most restfull sleep.

Sleepbug’s 3 Seasons Sleeping bag is perfect for all year round with a detachable merino fleece sleeping bag with sleeves for winter. It simply domes into place inside the middle of the sleeping bag. Saves you money, with not needing to buy different weight sleeping bags, saves you from guessing which weight Sleeping bag you choose, you won’t need blankets as the two sleeping bags together makes a duvet for babies. 

A unique idea, which is cost effective, natural, safe and warm for your baby and your peace of mind.

When using with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap you can use the leg piece through the opening at the back of the sleeping bag. The leg piece is used for very wriggly babies and those who need their mattress elevated if they suffer from reflux, colic or colds to keep them safer and more secure.     

Merino fibres help regulate your baby’s temperature throughout their sleep. It breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture away from your baby’s skin in warm conditions and insulating in cooler conditions. This is very important for babies and to promote good sleep from the beginning. Merino wool is natural, safe, warm and a miracle fiber with so many benefits. Read more here.

Sleepbug All Seasons Sleeping bag works best in room temperatures of 17-25°C when using the main sleeping bag.

When using the main sleeping bag with the Merino Fleece Sleeping bag it works best in room temperatures of 12-18C

View Temperature guide and how best to dress your baby while using a sleeping bag here.  

Safe T Sleep and I are aiming to help even more parents and babies to have a better night’s sleep, knowing baby is safe, secure and cared for, cosy and warm in winter and cool in the heat of summer. Whatever the temperature your baby is looked after. Sleepbugs sleeping bags and Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap working together gives you the peace of mind needed to look after your precious little ones from day one through to toddlers. 

Knowing you have complete peace of mind for your little one give us complete peace of mind too.